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Self-Publishing - Why Share?

If we are a publishing company, why share valuable information about self-publishing? Is that not detrimental to the business of obtaining authors and publishing books through Dream Write Publishing?

For some this might seem like a self-defeating action, but for me as an author, illustrator, and publisher, I see it as one of the steps in my own writing journey. I take those values of my own and apply them to the businesses and other organizations I run or have a hand in running. My journey beliefs... Learn, Create, Share.

Learn new things - always! No matter where you are on your journey there is always something you can learn. Something you can update. Something you can improve upon. It makes me feel sad if someone says they have nothing to gain from a workshop, an article, or a book of study - that is so wrong. There is everything to gain even if you are just authenticating what it is you already think you know. Be open-minded. Take notes. Be willing to expand on your own knowledge and continue to challenge yourself. You never know where it will take you.

Create new things - ongoing! As artists we are always creating in one way or another. Whether on paper, on your laptop, or in your head, there is always something on the tip of our tongues, in the back of our minds, or itching to leave our fingertips. Re-visit your passion and create from your heart. Put something new to work for you as your continue to grow as an artist.

Share. Part of the process as a creative being is learning how to share your knowledge to encourage others to make the best of their own journey. It is not a competition. We can all learn and create without taking away from another. We all learn at different speeds and in different ways. Share what you know, what you've done, and how you go about achieving your artistic success. You will feel good and isn't that worth it?

You will find an attachment provided by Dream Write Publishing. It is the content of the recent presentation on Self-Publishing that I made to the WordBridge Writers Conference in February. This is my gift to you on your publishing journey. Good luck with self-publishing. If you find you decide to go with a publisher willing to help you achieve your goals, keep us in mind. Contact us with your questions. Remember - write your story. We can help publish it. You can reach me at anytime.

Written by Linda J. Pedley, Author/Illustrator/Publisher - owner of Dream Write Publishing in Sherwood Park AB.

How-To Mini Flipbook 2 - Self-Publishing 10 Things
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