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Staff Picks

There’s Nothing Like a Good Book

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Writing Prompt Journey

- Creative Writing Tool -

The Writers Foundation of Strathcona County (WFSC)

You have just discovered the Writing Prompt Journey, a surprisingly unique tool available to writers of any age and at any stage of their literary development. This book offers 20 unique writing prompts, and additional challenges for each, to "pump up the prompt." Samples for each of the prompts are provided by 17 writers from the WFSC and 5 artists provide illustrated accompaniments to each of the prompts. Read them first or read them last... after you've had your turn - there is no right or wrong way to inspire your creativity.
More than a freefall writing experience, more than a writer's journal, more than a writing challenge... this book invites you to explore a world of introspection, inspiration, and intrigue. Great for the reader who loves to explore the differences between writers, too!

Colouring Our Lives

- Short Stories - 

Karen Probert

(Alberta Author)

Colouring Our Lives is a creative collection of short fictional stories from the author of Fragments of Lives.
Consider this: a newly opened box of wax crayons, always in the same order, tempting, inspiring, bright, and innovative. Just right - to colour our lives with imagination.
The author's true to life fiction makes you wonder their reality, while providing connections through universal themes and issues. You will love these stories - fiction that makes you believe they are real!


The Twesome Loop

- Adult Romance -

Mandy Eve-Barnett

(Alberta Author)

The Twesome Loop is a romance novel with a re-incarnation twist.

A picturesque Italian villa holds a hidden past of a pact that cannot be broken, a secret untold. Passion, pleasure and pain play their part as seemingly chance meetings reveal secrets and hidden agendas. One dark secret is coupled with a burning desire to extract revenge. It will see four guests re-living their past lives – for love, for lust, and for revenge.

Who will win and who will lose?

Is it possible to change our destiny; break free from the echoes of our past life?


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