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Last Stop

Last Stop

SKU: ISBN 978-1-988723-78-5

Reporter Steve Stanley meets Natalia Galey at an LRT station. She is beautiful, smart, and a bit sassy. She has the potential of being the best thing in his life where he has been at his lowest. He expects their meeting to be a turning point but what he doesn’t know is that his turning point is just around the corner and it isn’t what he thought it would be.A year ago Steve Stanley had it all – a great job at the Edmonton Chronicle, a beautiful wife, and an adorable daughter – but that all changed when a story came across his desk. His source told him he could give him the name of the head crime boss in Edmonton; soon after that threats flooded in and, in an effort to protect his family, he dropped the biggest story he ever would have covered. The result of that decision forever changed his life – He was fired from his job, his wife left him, and she took his daughter away from him. But his recent decision to investigate and write the story after all turned out to be the change from which there would be no return.After his murder he will discover new experiences, meet all sorts of new people, and one person he never expected to meet – Natalia Galey, the girl from the other night. Now, amidst trying to figure out his new situation and investigating his own murder, he is attempting to pick up where he left off after their first meeting at the LRT. What he doesn’t know is that she is sitting on a secret that could change everything.

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