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Updated: October 2012

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Collaboration on Book Lay-out - An Author's Vision

You have a picture in your head of what you'd like your book to look like - go on, think about it.

When you were investing all those hours in writing the words, images sprang to mind that were either developed from your own imagination or, perhaps, from something real to you, like a real life situation, a special person you might know, or an animal, like a beloved pet.

The Art of Professional Negotiation

If we are angered by a situation or an issue we go into an argument rather than a cooperative conversation. The emotion we bring to the table charges the whole conversation, and perhaps, the direction of the outcome. If we are able to enter into an exchange with a positive outlook rather than a negative one, the whole process can be more rewarding. That is not to say that you will always get your way, but it goes a long way to possibly securing a more favorable end.