Stories I Would Never Tell My Grandchildren

Stories I Would Never Tell My Grandchildren
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This collection of stories is written from the memories of my family life in rural Alberta, starting shortly before age 6, and ending with the death of my father in 1999. The first of these stories, Living With Grandmother, encompassed the years from age five and a half, through to nine or so, when I lived with my grandmother and aunt while attending the school in grades 1 to 4. Other stories are recollections of parts of my life from that time on, and finishing with The Final Visit, a story about the death of my father in 1999.

All the stories are true, at least true to the best that my memory will allow, and I have not had to embellish any of them. Some may be sad. I hope some will give you a laugh. Others fall in between. All are told just the way they happened. Although the stories are arranged in more or less chronological order, one story does not necessarily lead to the next; each story stands on its own merits, and is complete within itself. Accordingly, they can be read in any order one chooses to do so, without losing anything in the process.

I started writing these stories more than twenty years ago, mainly for the eyes of my wife, Elaine, and my two daughters, Karen and Susan. Nevertheless, over the years others have expressed interest in them, and if that is the case, I am happy to share them with anyone who might be interested.

I hope you will enjoy them.

W.H.B. 2012

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