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"The door opens and the new face searches the crowd as if hoping to see someone who might be familiar, not knowing that all those who sit around the circle, in fact, are familiar to them. It is that internal passion for words that brings them to this similar spot but it will be the outward gestures they see and hear first that will encourage them to return. It is the reaction to that first timid act of sharing where the line can be crossed and never repaired. It is a time when truths can be spared to protect the innocent. It is a time when knees shake, voices quiver and doubt enters each thought that, too late, become words. It is those words now released, like a babe from its keeper's arms, that now are shared and heard and judged and ... accepted? There must be encouragement even if there is consideration to what might be needed in the future. Let the new member gain confidence in their surroundings and they will then gain knowledge by the desire to learn. If you are going to tear apart their words, take heed, for you tear apart their very soul."


~From a solitary drop the encouragment spreads~

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From a Solitary Drop recounts the history of the Strathcona County Writers Circle from October 2001 - October 2011, as told by members of the group. The book includes not only the contributing authors' visions of how the circle affected their writing over the years but includes interactions with others around them who share/shared their writing journey. The book  also provides some points to consider if you are thinking of starting a writer's group.   


Written by "the orginal six" founders of the Writers Foundation of Strathcona County (WFSC)
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