Shadowsite Chronicles - Book 2 ~ Tides of Change

Shadowsite Chronicles: Book 2 *Tides of Change* by Mike Deregowski
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Shadowsite Chronicles by Mike Deregowski

 Bruce Stryker feels like he is meant for greatness...

What he doesn’t know is that he is right!

Follow him as he begins his journey in the world of Heroria, where he will make new friends, new enemies, gain powers, and potentially save or destroy the new world. 

His destiny awaits!

Book 2: It's been a few months since Bruce found himself in Heroria. He practices his newfound powers and tries to get back without any luck. When someone close to Bruce ventures into a portal to Heroria, he is forced to find a way in... or risk losing this person forever. Through it all, he deals with the Shadowsite within. Transformations are coming to Heroria, but as the tides of change rise and fall, lives will be affected, new enemies and allies will emerge, and people will never be the same again.

Follow Bruce and Terry into Book 2 and into Heroria - a great adventure fantasy read!

Be sure to pick up Book 1 - *Awakenings* - available through this site, Amazon, and in E-Book!

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