The Rython Kingdom

The Rython Kingdom by Mandy Eve-Barnett
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Unaware he is a pawn in a vengeful plan, Guillem's actions may release an evil witch from her entrapment. 

The famed troubadour attends the king's court to receite a marvelous tale but his suspicions are raised by a strange servant. 

With the help of a wizened old woman, and her beautiful granddaughter, Guillem attempts to outwit the witch to save the kingdom from murder and mayhem. 

He then finds himself part of a ritual for life everlasting with the entrancing and mysterious Juliana. 



Review by: Linda J. Pedley on Aug. 12, 2012 

Be ready for surprises and action along the way – you will love the reknowned troubador, Guillem, as he shares a dreamlike tale with a spellbound audience. You will lose yourself as part of that audience whilst he tells his story with such cunning that worlds collide. Magic, witches, creatures, and mayhem abound – the author provides you a front row seat. I thoroughly enjoyed this book!

Review by: Lisa Nikolits on Jun 14, 2014 

Like a magical fairytale of olde, this battle between ancient scaly evil and noble valour is a spell-binding page-turner. You feel as if you are seated at the king’s table, feasting among ladies and knights, and listening to the troubadour tell tales within tales. This novella is nicely done!

Review by: Loraine Gordan, Macau  review November 5, 2015 

I had a very lazy day last Sunday and shut myself away in my bedroom and read all day. Every time the kids tried to disturb me I told them to go away as I was reading Mandy’s book. What a great book. I loved how you told the story and that then a story was also told within the book by Guillem. I had to keep reading all day as I really had no idea where the story would take me and was so keen to get to the next part. I loved the magical part of the story. Loraine Gordon, Macau.

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