Rebel Destiny

Rebel Destiny by Leslie Hodgins
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Two worlds in a far-off galaxy... The planets: Kalypso and Zemĕ.

Zemĕ suffered an apocalypse three hundred years in the past. Humanity is nearly extinct, with only a few thousand survivors spread out across the planet. A war to end all wars... and now survivors face mutation and sickness and starvation. Mutants and feral monsters roam the lands. What’s left of humanity is split into opposing factions, some of whom believe in world domination. All are focused on one thing: survival.
Kalypso is the perfect world. An idyllic fairy tale world of princesses and princes... and magical creatures. After a history of violence and inequality, world peace has been enjoyed for four centuries. There is no more war and no want or need for it, as everyone lives happy and contented lives.

The Women: Kenna, the head-strong leader of her gang, Ancora; Aryanna, the princess, and soon to be Queen, of OnceFae. One leads her gang to fight for what’s theirs often a matter of life or death, while the other yearns to travel and see her world before settling into the role of ruler.

The Purpose: love and destiny...


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