Old Dolly and Me

Old Dolly and Me by Helen Hunter Lavender
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Old Dolly and Me by Helen Hunter LavenderShe was beautiful! Not just her white coat with its gentle brown flecks, but her alert carriage, her attentive curiosity, and her inquisitively-pointing ears. She looked directly at me as she followed by brother Gordon.

Green poplars lining the rail to our yard framed the picture, and my heart skipped. She was coming to be ours, well at least, his ... but one day I would own her. Gordon wasn't even fond of horses.


Old Dolly and Me will grab your heart as Helen's storytelling pulls you into Ann's farm life and shares another wonderful story of lesson, life, and learning.

This followup story to A Gift of Trouble is suitable for the young advanced grade school reader or for anyone young at heart!



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