Life in Slake Patch

Life in Slake Patch by Mandy Eve-Barnett
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Page after page revealed a life unthinkable. Evan could not imagine the possibilities. Images of men and women with children sitting, eating, and playing together in strange dwellings, so different from their log structures. Some made of a smooth, consistently shaped stone of sorts, while others towered above ground with shiny, gleaming surfaces. There were no words to express the amazement. Surely, these pictures were the wild imaginings of a person possessed; they could not be true - especially compared to life in Slake Patch.
Evan’s first exposure to this inconceivable life was through a trusted friend and mentor, Jacob. Shared through the secretive exploration of banned books and creative storytelling, Evan internalized the great tales of fantasy. Life prior to the Grand War was lived differently. Change came to the world due to that drastic event thus calling for extreme measures. Wise old Jacob could see the Grand War as reason enough for society to evolve in a fundamental way.
Intrigued by the stories and burdened by the concepts he found to be desirable, Evan’s existence comes into question when he sees that maybe these unbelievable truths—things of the past—weren’t all that bad...
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