Juliet's Shadow

Juliet's Shadow by Jena Page
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Breanne Starling Series - Book 1 - Juliet's Shadow by Jena Page

Book 1 - Juliet's Shadow
When Grandma brings a special gift back for Breanne, things begin to get complicated!
School. Best friends who are no longer best friends. The bothersome boy who thinks he’s her boyfriend. Then, the accusations of stealing! Things compound to complicate Breanne’s life just in time for summer holidays. She has big plans—and her mom’s away leaving her to look out for her younger sister, Katie.
Clutching the special gift to her chest, Breanne whispers, “I miss you, Mom.”
Join Breanne as she finds herself on a journey that only she is destined to take. Juliet needs her help and she needs to be there to save her...
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