"I walked with them... to the Ballot Box"

"I walked with them... to the Ballot Box" by Gladys Teske
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Whether dancing in the streets of South Africa on the day of Mandela’s election or talking down rebels in "Indonesia during the tumultuous election in East Timor, Teske’s travel stories, her insights into the hopes and fears of the people she encounters, and her uniquely Canadian perspective, allow us to see how newly emerging democracies are the hope for peace and human rights in the world. Through her eyes, it becomes apparent that people around the world share the same aspirations for freedom, and the same ability to show compassion and generosity even in remote and sometimes difficult conditions. Her message becomes clear as we travel with her: democracy should never be taken for granted or discounted as impossible."

Kerry Rose, Editor

"Gladys Teske is not just personable, she is compassionate. As her publisher, I have discovered she is also well-spoken, respected, and passionate. The common denominator in all the situations she writes about is her – she had to enjoy, not only the work she was hired to do, but also the people she met. I also know she is inspiring – her vision for world peace lies in the democratic process of “free and fair” elections. Her work to bring that process to the countries you find in “I walked with them… to the Ballot Boxes” is admirable as she encourages a voice for the people on their quest for freedom and peace."

Linda J. Pedley, Dream Write Publishing

"The author’s technical knowledge and skills, commitment to free elections, and welcoming personality made her a perfect partner for democracy promoters working in the developing world. We worked together in Yemen in 1993, and again in 1997, where her personality and remarkable ability to gain local confidence and trust were key to the successes we had and the access into local offices, homes, and hearts she gained. It could not have happened without her as a critical anchor to the rest of our outstanding team. She’s a true professional. I also believe that our promotion of democracy was a significant contributing factor to the growing demand of key segments of Yemeni society for a freer and more democratic country.”

Ronald G. Wolfe, Ph.D. Yemen elections

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