Fragments of Lives

Fragments of Lives by Karen Probert
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Fragments of Lives by Karen ProbertThe lives of ordinary people are not always as controlled or as evenly paced as they would like.


The people in the stories in Fragments of Lives are not extraordinary but in each of their lives there is something – a memory, an occurrence, another person, a cycle of events – that propels them to rethink, to act differently, to follow a new dream, to reminisce or to change.


These are the ‘fragments’-

          the small sections of each

                    person’s life in which

                              they see themselves differently.


"Karen has the unique ability to easily immerse her readers in a character or situation. Her stories speak to each of us in different ways - that is her skill. Everyday happenings become endearing, amusing, or thought provoking, as Karen manages to weave the story with superb descriptions, characterizations, and distinctive personality.”

Mandy Eve-Barnett, Author


"Fragments of Lives is an appropriate title, as Karen writes her stories, inspired by real life situations, brilliantly exposing snippets from her characters' lives." Joe McKnight, Author

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