Balancing Act

Balancing Act by Kathie Sutherland
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Balancing Act by Kathie SutherlandAs human beings, we experience ups and downs in life. Sometimes events are like tsunamis or earthquakes. At others times, our lives are as serene as a mountain meadow. During times of chaos, we long for order. When we feel tossed about by waves of stress, we ache for peace. When we are in pain, we need to heal. We grasp tightly when it would better serve our growth to let go.

Kathie Sutherland’s Balancing Act poetry collection deftly paints pictures of everyday life. Within ordinary moments we glimpse sketches of her inner landscape. The images flow from poem to poem softening light and dark, creating an in-between space where anything can happen. She invites you to go beyond her perspective into our shared human need for peace and equanimity.

"With each word flowing into the next, Kathie Sutherland’s Balancing Act creates thousands of beautifully expressed images for the heart, mind, and soul."

Glenda Sheard - Columnist, Motivational Speaker 

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