Sweaty Eyes

Sweaty Eyes by Tom Dirsa
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When Coach T. asks BJ to play on the junior boys’ basketball team, he is excited to be involved, but he never expected to be good at it. He knew the game and what was needed. He listened and learned - and he was just happy to be given the chance.

Coach T. knows what it takes to be a team player: play hard on defense, get the ball to the open player, and never give up. Coach T.’s pep talk confirms to BJ that he can be good at anything - if he only tries.

“BJ, you played the game with heart and desire and determination. That is what your teammates see in you. Sure, they want to win, but they also want to play with a teammate who works with them and makes them better. I do not know if you will ever be on a winning team, BJ, but I do know you are a winner!”
Then it happened - again.
“BJ, what’s the matter with your eyes?” 
Sweaty Eyes by Tom Dirsa
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